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Platinum Pools was formed here in Central Illinois because the owner Sean Kincaid had a passion to get involved in an industry that brings happiness to customers and family’s. Having spent considerable time in Florida and living there for a few years he saw the happiness their pool brought his family which made a lasting impression. Platinum Pools believes in doing quality work, being transparent, and being honest. We are excited to explain why the products, materials and processes we follow are the best in the business. We are a Premier Dealer for River Pools, the Lifetime Structural Warranty on all River Pools speaks for itself and being a Premier Dealer for them we follow their Advanced Installation method to provide our customers the best pool installation possible. Our goal is to be a premier ground pool company in Central Illinois. We would like to invite you to give us a call, text, or email and talk about making your backyard dreams a reality.

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Our Process


Contact Form/Request Pricing/Email/Phone Call

We start with you letting us know what you’re looking for. Some customers know exactly what they want, and some don’t. You can say I’m looking for a small pool, medium pool, or the biggest pool you have. You can tell us the model you're looking for, or you can say I know I want a pool but I’m not sure which one. You can say I want a pool and I’d like to keep the project under a certain cost. Whatever you say, we can help you get to the end result you're looking for.



We will shoot you back a price estimate on a specific model if asked or have a conversation about the project and build a custom quote.


Site Visit

This is a meeting at your home or wanted pool location. We are looking at and discussing with you the areas on the property that we would need to traverse with equipment, making sure we have the space needed to get the pool shell into the yard, and considering slopes that could create additional issues or potential cost.


Final Quote

Following the meeting at the construction site we will create a final quote, this quote will be specific to your property and consider everything we know at the time. Keep in mind, sometimes we encounter ground water in places we wouldn’t expect it, sometimes we find that things are buried in the dirt, sometimes we hit rock, and we prepare to encounter things we don’t expect. That said, the Final Quote is the project cost.


Down Payment/Schedule/Order Shell

Following the 1st payment we schedule the job, order the shell, request permitting, and prepare to get started. Shell manufacturing time has been sitting at 14-16 weeks to give you an idea.


Construction Process

We go over the final layout of the pool location and fence location for permitting purposes with you at the job site. You will then be notified that construction will start. You can click the button below to have a look at what the construction process looks like in a pretty quick time lapse.

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