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Professional Pool Closing and Pool Opening Service in Sherman, IL, and the Surrounding Areas

Easy Open, Easy Swim

Transitioning from a dormant winter pool to a lively summer oasis should be a stress-free process. That’s where Platinum Pools’ pool closing and pool opening service in Sherman, IL, and the surrounding areas, comes into play. We provide a comprehensive opening service that breathes life back into your pool, ensuring all systems are up and running smoothly. From starting your pump and heater to the essential pool shock treatment, we cover every angle. Trust us to deliver quality and honesty, without cutting any corners.

Why Our Pool Closing and Opening Service is a Cut Above the Rest

In the world of pool services, not all are created equal. But, our team goes above and beyond to ensure your pool is ready for action or winter rest. Let’s dive into the details of what makes our service special:

  • Pool Closing: Our standard pool closing procedure is meticulous. We blow out all the returns and water features, eliminate water from the heater, pump, and filter, and use winter plugs for your returns. Disconnecting the chlorinator for indoor storage and using RV antifreeze in all plumbing round out our comprehensive service.
  • Pool Opening: As the warm weather kicks in, it’s crucial to have your pool in tip-top shape. Our pool opening service includes the commencement of your pump and heater, brushing of the pool surface, and an essential pool shock treatment. This thorough process ensures your pool is ready for the swimsuit season.

Don’t Miss Out on Our Expert Pool Opening Service

Are you ready for a summer filled with backyard barbecues, pool parties, and leisurely swims? Don’t compromise on your summer fun. Let Platinum Pools take care of your pool opening service in Sherman, IL, and the surrounding areas. We do it right—using the proper materials, adhering to the right processes, and always keeping you informed every step of the way. Trust us for exceptional service, communication, and, above all, peace of mind for a safe and enjoyable pool season.

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